The project

The main objective of the Project CO.B.RA is to develop and disseminate methods, technologies and advanced tools for the conservation of cultural heritage, based on the application of radiation and Enabling Technologies.

ENEA leads the project being the only institution funded to do all the activities. The laboratories and the main working groups involved are: FSN-TECFIS at Frascati Research Centre; SSPT-USER-SITEC at Casaccia Research Centre; DTE ICT at Centers of Frascati and Casaccia Research too; STUDIES at the headquarter in Rome.

The general aim of this project is the diffusion and transfer to SMEs - operating in the field of Cultural Heritage - of ENEA skills and tools available in the laboratories at the research centers and spaces dedicated to the demonstrators . Most of these tools have already been applied with success in interventions at archeological sites and on other types of cultural heritage, such as archeological sites and monument.

 The project, funded by the Lazio Region, started on July the 21st 2015 and will end on December the 20th 2017.

Scientific Coordinator of the project: Dr. Roberta Fantoni,, Phone: 06 94005568

Contact: For general information please write to: Dr. Beatrice Calosso,, Phone: 06 94005364

Brochure Project First Year Results